I realize that the purpose of life is to learn what you are truly capable of.

Without challenges in life, we'll never evolve to our higher selves.

I can help you get there.

My Ancestry

My parents met in Toronto after settling here from the Philippines in the 1970s. My paternal lineage is Filipino (Ilocos Region) and a bit of Chinese (Guangdong Region). My maternal lineage if Filipino (Western Visayas Region) with a touch of Spanish (Spain). 

My Experience

  • Certified High Performance Coach (CHPC)
  • Harmony Life Coach
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Certified Generational Healer®
  • Certified Meditation Teacher (CYA-MT)
  • Spiritual Guide

About Me

I was groomed from a very early age by my family to become a hard worker. Being born and raised in a low-income community in Toronto, I learned that my value was what I could bring home financially. People in my community were doing their best just to survive. Some couldn't even think of the idea of having a dream.

Even through school, I identified my value based on how hard I worked to get high grades. Even with multiple jobs, I completed my degree at University of Toronto in Human Biology and Anthropology. I ventured into the corporate world in the insurance industry, while still, working a part time job on the weekends.

What felt like eternity, I juggled multiple jobs. I felt like I had no direction. It was really awful.

So I did what other people usually do.. I went back to school (yes, while still having my two jobs). I studied to become a Risk Manager and a Project Manager. On a whim, a classmate advised that I should open my own business. And I did.

I was just doing what I thought I was supposed to do.

Look for a job that might stick for the long haul ... still wasn't happy.

Went back to school to maybe find some direction ... still wasn't happy.

I grew up to become exactly what I was raised to become: a hard worker doing 100-hour work weeks (BTW, that really SUCKED)... a textbook WORKAHOLIC.

Then things started to spiral.

After suffering from emotional and social disconnect, I didn't know who I was anymore.

It came to a point in my life when I experienced BURNOUT.

So yes.. I've been through it.. but of course I didn't recognize it. I kept pushing and pushing myself. But also at the same time I sacrificed my health, my personal relationships and worst of all, pushed my true self away. (Oooof. I can see the jet lag, tiredness and unhappiness in my eyes in this photo!)

Then finally I realized that maybe there was something wrong..

I attended a Workaholics Anonymous meeting (yes.. it does exist) and finally realized that I did have a problem.

It became the moment that I had to do something about it. 

I strived to achieve more balance in my life, but still needed to be successful with my business (it was, after all, my main source of income).

I immersed myself with the task to learn about burnout and recovery. But the thing is it was "sooo medical". Obviously coming from a science background I appreciate that, but I just needed to understand how this happened, why I feel the way I did and how could I move forward.

There wasn't any resources there. So I tried things out, tested strategies and found what worked for me. 

And voila! Here I am!

Though this journey, I want to help educate and guide others about burnout. Our world glorifies the hard worker...we're obsessed with working!

I believe that success can come both personally and professionally without the excessive work hours and emotional disconnect.

I love the idea of growth through optimization: inspire the change, empower others with the tools needed to succeed, and taking measured actions that are constantly optimized to achieve the goal.

I've found my calling through coaching. After being an avid student of High Performance I became a Certified High Performance Coach through the High Performance Institute and trained by Brendon Burchard.

A bit more About Me...(Professional Stuff)

Olegario & Co. Limited also interacts with businesses and non-profit organizations by offering business services, optimization and operational efficiency consulting, training and coaching. Today, the company has grown to include offerings of online training and personal development coaching. 

I have an outstanding track record of managing and implementing projects in the insurance and non-profit industries. Throughout my career I have been vital in many successful projects that saved organizations upwards of $100,000 and won awards for excellent service. I have experience with creating and leading national training programs for many large corporations.

A teeny bit more About Me...(The Cooler Stuff)

In my free time, I love to hike, do HIIT training at the gym and meditate. I absolutely love coffee and desserts (my vice)! I love all animals and nature. My obsession with everything Hawaiian takes me to the islands a few times a year where I snorkel, boogie board and explore the landscape (sigh! I wish I was there now!).