Certified High Performance Coaching

It's a journey that will take you to that next level. Take that first step.

Let me tell you how.

What is High Performance...when it comes to my life?

It's not about just working hard at your job.

From a product perspective, the term "high-performance" refers to a product that operates at a higher standard than similar products: something faster, powerful, better, more efficient.

From our perspective,

High Performance involves

  • succeeding beyond standard norms
  • living your full potential
  • sustaining that high-level over the long term, while still
  • maintaining one's well-being and positive relationships.

Sounds superhumanright?

Yes! But it's not limited to the select few in the world born with natural abilities. 

High performance is not strongly correlated with age, gender, nationality, intelligence, personality, strengths, creativity, empathy, years of experience, or compensation.

It's been shown that you, yes you, can improve your high performance through training and education (I'll show you the data below).

Why would High Performance matter to me?

It's really all about that feeling. Living the High Performance lifestyle is an ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self.

Who wouldn't want to feel that?

In addition to that, you won't be sacrificing your health or neglecting the people you love in your life. 

Imagine feeling that High Performance feeling, being in the best health you've ever been and having deep and fulfilling connections?

Sounds like a dream! But for you, it can be a reality.


So what is Certified High Performance Coaching?

As a coach, I work with clients to help them go to the next level for themselves. Further than they have ever been before - beyond the typical norm and those with similar life experience. But not only that, I help set them up to continuously grow and succeed without the sacrifice.

No, I'm not going to send a ton of assessments, questionnaires, personality tests.

No, I won't start our conversation with.. what would you like to work on today? What's holding you back? Where are you at with "x"?

Being a Certified High Performance Coach isn't just about accountability for a small set of goals.

The High Performance Coaching journey is all about...

total life transformation and alignment.

It will take hard work and deep commitment from both the client and the coach to make results happen.

It's a process. As you put your energy and trust into the journey, you'll immediately experience profound transformations.



Put it this way. A third-party company gathered evaluations from over 70,000 Certified High Performance Coaching sessions and found the average client rating to be 9.6 out of 10, the highest-known satisfaction in the coaching industry.

Show me the Data!

The Certified High Performance Coaching Program is based on many of the findings in this study. The high performance frameworks and tools are predictive of so many positive life outcomes. See for your yourself!

Download the report

What Makes High Performance Coaching Different?

  • Most coaching programs have no curriculum and therefore, little hope of value.
    • Certified High Performance Coaching uses a proven, results-oriented, research-based curriculum; therefore, value is built into the program.
  • Most other coaching programs offer unclear outcomes.
    • Certified High Performance Coaching offers a clear outcome—high performance.
  • Most other coaching programs are listening based.
    • Certified High Performance Coaching is challenge based.
  • Most other coaching programs are client driven.
    • Certified High Performance Coaching is curriculum driven; each session includes training and education as well as coaching.

Click on the video to hear Brendon Burchard, CEO of High Performance Institute, speak about coaching and this program.


One-on-one Coaching

The most personalized coaching package offered over a 12 week cycle.

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Group Coaching

Join a group of other high performers ready for that next level (Max 10 participants)

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Corporate / Executive

Specifically tailored packages for 1-on-1 coaching or entire teams.

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One-on-One Coaching

This 12-week Certified High Performance Coaching Program is held by phone, Zoom, Skype or in person (if in Vancouver).

As we work together you'll start to experience profound changes in your life. I'll help guide you on the journey to that next level for you.

Our discussions will explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

I'll be here to run through the curriculum with you, be your support, be your partner to brainstorm with, cheerleader, and best of all, challenge you to get to that next level.

Roll up your sleeves, get ready for some work because I believe that you deserve more in your life and I'm willing to put in that work with you to get there!

Apply for the free strategy call and let's see how we can work together.

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Group Coaching

**Next session begins the first week of September 2023**

What's better than going through a transformational journey with other like-minded individuals? (Means there's more people cheering you on!)

This 12-week Certified High Performance Coaching Program is held by Zoom. The program will have no more than 10 people per group.

Our discussions will explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

Each meeting I will run through the curriculum, present the group with a series of questions so we can reflect on the concepts in depth and teach about tools and techniques of high performance.

We'll also dedicate some time to call out on a few of the members to share so that we further deepen our exploration of the weekly concepts.

I'll still be your support, cheerleader, and best of all, challenge all of you to get to that next level.

So apply for the free strategy call and let's see how group coaching can work with you.

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Corporate / Executive Coaching

See the transformation it will bring to the organization to the overall culture, job satisfaction, employee work-life balance and team performance. 

I can't even list all the benefits this can bring. It's really a game-changer for all industries.

When working with corporate and executive teams, I tailor the coaching packages based on their needs. 

While staying true to the curriculum of the coaching, I will conduct an additional needs analysis before beginning a program to ensure that company visions, strategic objectives and goals are kept in mind during the coaching program.

Because each package is custom made, please contact me directly to arrange a pre-consultation call (free of charge).

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