2 - Be Connected: Coping with Loneliness


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Why are people feeling lonely
How can we be more connected
How to cope with feeling lonely
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Loneliness is an epidemic.

We are connected digitally more than ever, in a way that we could be more responsive by the second. And yet we're so separate. We're so separate…

We're talking about really serious disconnection. But we're craving connection. So that's why today's episode's really important. We're going to go over. This whole idea about loneliness is an epidemic right now. A lot of people are experiencing it silently suffering.

But it's that longing for that human connection. We love that feeling and anyone can say that they're like, I don't need this…we still do. Why else are we still looking around for something that feels that way?

Nothing is ever static. The only thing that's consistent in life is change.

But people start to feel lonely when they feel like they don't belong, and they can't have people who vibe with them.

Sometimes relationships have a time and place. And there's lessons to be learned during that time and place, but it also has a time to end or it could be outgrown.

If change and transitions are part of life, so is loneliness. We're always going to be in pursuit of that sense of belonging: that sense of feeling seen and heard and understood by others. And once you acknowledge that we're always gonna have this in her life. There's going to be times in transition periods where we're going to have to find it new people.

Sometimes we expect people to fill that void of loneliness in ourselves. 

It starts with us to fill that void of loneliness. 

if I have that void within myself, and feeling that loneliness within. Will anybody ever be good enough for me to fill it?

Loneliness is a serious epidemic right now. A lot of people are going through it.

We’re setting ourselves up for more loneliness by the way that we set up our lives. What might be convenient like on demand? Quick answers, texting like rapid fire responses like getting things done that way, sending an email. There's no connection.

We're losing that sense of connectedness with human beings.

This is human connection, community feeling, that sense of being seen, heard, understood, a sense of belonging and feeling. Community dies when people are too self-sufficient. Communities help lift you up, make you feel good, grow, feel a sense of belonging. feel a sense of purpose like you're contributing to something.

You're numbing out every day, because you feel so lonely watching all this TV binging on episodes, seasons of things, playing video games and just putting the headphones on and not listening, you know.Being overstimulated and finding things to keep busy keeping busy with stuff to make you busy. You're like. Oh, no, no, no, I can't go and hang out, because I'm so busy doing this stuff just to make you so feel like you're doing something. But really you're lonely inside.

If you don't do the self-awareness work and inner work. You'll always feel lonely because you'll always continuously be adapting yourself to someone who you are not, and you will be more disconnected to not only other people, but disconnected to yourself, because you won't be able to have those meaningful relationships and have quality. When I say quality it's in your perspective of quality, social connections because they will never be true. They will be based off of some facade that isn't real.

It's not that a lot of people who are independent want to be doing it on their own. We've been so ingrained and glorified that being self-sufficient is the way to be.

Community dies when we don't need each other anymore. But when we don't need each other anymore, we're dying of loneliness and isolation. We need community. We're social beings. We need the people to help. We share the load with each other. And that's what communities were like before.

But you want to find your people. People who are like you, or you can feel, seen, heard, belong. Be vulnerable and accepted as you are

Every single relationship takes work. So you got to show up as much as you're expecting them to show up for you. and then it will help with feeling that sense of feeling seen, heard, and a sense of belonging, understood

it's just so sad with the world being so technologically connected. We're so separate.

We need each other. And even if there's a little bit of human community like connection and having a sense of community, even just a little bit each week when you've had none.

Because we're not meant to live our lives alone. We are social beings. We thrive with community. Find your community, find your support system.

it's time to not live your life so alone. It's time to feel that sense of belonging, that sense of purpose, that sense of being needed? When was the last time you felt that sort of human connection?

I know you just want to feel seen, heard. understood. feel like you belong somewhere without having to compromise who you are, be somewhere where you can just be you.



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